Bev FitzGerald speaks at Claims conference in Singapore

At the beginning of March, our Managing Director, Bev FitzGerald, was pleased to attend and speak at a major Japanese insurer’s Claims conference in Singapore. This was attended by 30 of their Claims Managers/Directors from around the world. Bev focused on ‘Lessons Learned’ from our company’s handling of recent CAT events in Chile and New Zealand, comparing the two and looking at the risks which the NZ CAT presented for insurers on any future CAT. Over the past few months, this issue has been of increasing concern for the insurance Market, especially given that the NZ CAT is still continuing, 5.5 years after the first earthquake there in September 2010. Indeed, Bev has recently met both Pool Re and the Bank of England to talk about specific risks the prolonged NZ CAT presents and how these might materialise on future CATs.

If you would like to discuss with Bev how these risks may impact your own business, please contact him on