Case Studies

NEW ZEALAND – Canterbury Earthquakes 2010 – 2011 (6/2/2017) - On 4 September 2010, the Canterbury Region of New Zealand was rocked by a shallow 7.1 magnitude earthquake, 38km west of Christchurch City Centre. This triggered a sequence of major earthquakes, travelling east through the centre of the city and out into the Pacific Ocean. On 22 February 2011, a high intensity 6.3M earthquake occurred just 5km beneath the Port Hills on the southern outskirts, leading to widespread destruction within the city and 185 fatalities. The extremely high provision of insurance cover and multiple overlapping events created a uniquely challenging and complex situation, well beyond the experience and capacity ofread more
CANADA – flooding in Calgary and Toronto June 2013 (9/20/2015) - In June 2013, severe floods devastated the City of Calgary in the Canadian province of Alberta. They were caused by unusually heavy rains combined with the melting ice cap from the Rocky Mountains, the result of which was that the Bow and Elbow Rivers burst their banks simultaneously. The floods were declared by the Provincial Government to be the worst in Alberta’s history. Five people were killed and a further 100,000 were displaced by the flooding. Huge damage was sustained to high-profile sites such as the Calgary Zoo and the Scotiabank Saddledome, home to the Calgary Flames Ice Hockey more
Chile earthquake CHILE – Restoring a country’s stability (7/4/2015) - 2010 in Chile – a devastating earthquake… Measuring 8.8MW on the Richter scale occurred at 03.34hrs local time on Saturday February 27th 2010, in South Central Chile. 90 minutes later a tsunami inundated over 500kms of coastline. 700 people were killed, 12,000 injured and 1,000,000 lost their homes or workplaces. Shock waves caused damage in Santiago; over 400kms from the epicentre. 250 aftershocks of magnitude 5.0 or greater were recorded. Transport, telecommunication networks, power and water supplies were all severely disrupted, some for several weeks. Initial estimates put the cost of the insured damage at more than $10bn and threatenedread more