Cyber Risks

A very real threat

Cyber risks have evolved with technology and are now the fastest growing threat to businesses in the 21st Century. Losses from cyber risks include loss of corporate data, damage to intellectual property, third party losses and they often result in long term damage to reputation as well as significant financial penalties and major costs to restore a good reputation. Global Corporate Governance requirements are placing explicit responsibilities on Boards to ensure that they understand and manage their Risk Exposures to a very high level.

New risks require innovative solutions

Although the risks are new, the principles required to deal with them are well established which is why FitzGerald Consulting has developed a range of innovative tailor-made solutions for minimizing exposures to Corporate Assets, IT Systems and interruption to business operations.

FitzGerald Consulting also offers assistance on cases where losses have already occurred, including losses which are covered by insurance policies, especially in relation to Business Interruption.

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