Latin America Division


Founded over 13 years ago in the UK, FitzGerald Consulting has now established a range of services in Latin America operating through a subsidiary based in Santiago, Chile, ‘FitzGerald Consulting LAT’.

FitzGerald Consulting thus continues its upwards trajectory and adds to its proven experience of dealing with insurance claims following major incidents and CATs throughout the world. This recent development further highlights the company’s outstanding performance in the management of complex insurance claims and loss adjusting following major disasters and catastrophes. In addition, we oversee the handling of insurance claims management programmes including the supervision of locally based loss adjusters and external service providers.

Management of major claims and/or catastrophes

FitzGerald Consulting always works in close co-operation with clients, ensuring high technical standards, managing expectations, and developing solutions to minimise loss and ensure that expenditure is recouped without delay. Our team includes experienced insurance claims consultants and loss adjusting consultants as well as professionals in all the relevant industries such as construction, engineering, mining, agricultural business and legal services. In addition, our international experts provide insurance claims management services.

We pride ourselves on ensuring that all our solutions for disaster-related insurance claims including property damage, business interruption, machinery breakdown and personal accident or Third Party losses are both flexible and constructive.

Elaboration of CAT Contingency Plans

In Latin America we have developed disaster management programmes for insurance companies in areas of high exposure such as Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Argentina and Ecuador. We have transferred the experience gained in the administration of these types of events to the preparation of pre-loss contingency plans which are tailor-made to each client for their particular market. These plans ensure efficient decision-making together with correct management to minimise losses and brand damage.

Technical auditing

FitzGerald Consulting LAT also offers auditing services as a vital tool in the management of disasters. We have vast experience in auditing reserves, together with the operational processes required for disaster management. Furthermore, we provide a range of flexible solutions covering technical conduct, financial performance, and the processing and acquiring of information – all of which could be the object of specific audits or comparisons with competitors through a programme of completely integrated auditing.

Technical advice and training

FitzGerald Consulting LAT boasts a unique mix of technical experience and senior management skills. We provide impartial technical advice and support on day-to-day issues concerning the operation of disasters and audit management. As part of this, we are able to review technical information about losses, create reports on trends, errors and omissions, and propose answers and solutions to the problems that we find. Furthermore, we have developed a range of technical training programmes for the application of insurance contracts, reinsurance, and particular covers such as business interruption, and breakdown of machinery.

Review of Insurance Programmes and Risk Analysis

Our team of experts offer reviews of insurance programmes in diverse industries, of varying complexity, assessing their adequacy as well as the level of risk to the Policyholder.

FitzGerald Consulting in Latin America to date

Since its creation in June 2012, Fitzgerald Consulting LAT has overseen a wide range of projects for various different clients throughout the region.

February 2014

We commenced a project involving the development of ad-hoc disaster management plans for a prestigious insurer in their operations in Chile, Ecuador, Colombia and Mexico.

October 2013

We conducted a detailed risk analysis of insurance contracts for one of the leading Chilean groups in the production of fishmeal and salmon and sardine oil, exporting to countries such as Japan, Taiwan, Korea, the USA, Brazil, Argentina, and the European Economic Community.

September 2013

We were appointed to assist one of the world’s largest salmon exporters in the settlement and payment of a claim of approximately US$20 million following a major fire which resulted in the total loss of a fish processing plant in Chile.

September 2013

We represented the interests of a global insurer in the negotiation and closure of a US$3 million claim for civil responsibility of products in Peru.

December 2012

We assisted one of Chile’s largest general insurance companies in the negotiation and closure of a major claim (approximately US$4 million) for property damage and business interruption by a chain of hotels in Easter Island, Chile, including its relation with the reinsurance market of Lloyds London.

March 2012

We were assigned to the administration of the claims department of a general insurance company in Chile – a contract that continues to this day.

February 2012

FitzGerald Consulting Latin America was set up, based in Santiago, Chile.

Contact details

Fitzgerald Consulting LAT is based in the heart of Santiago’s commercial centre and its contact details are as follows:

Av. Presidente Riesco 5335
Comuna de Las Condes
Región Metropolitana
Santiago – Chile
Oficina N° 2008

Phone numbers:
(56- 2- 2) 2315782 – 3346469 – 3741814 – 3741815

(56-9) 84281091


Paulo Correa Losana – MD
Phone number:
+56 2 32244970
+56 9 96891991