Senior Lost Adjuster, formally qualified in Chile, with more than 20 years of experience in engineering and consultant supplier of projects of high complexity for companies such as Bechtel, Amec, Fluor and Hatch among others. Assigned by public and private agencies for CAT assessments, and claims of reconstruction cost analysis of infrastructure, urbanization and facilities.


Complex claims adjuster, expert in infrastructure pre-loss measurement and CAT scenarios. Managing teams and claims reviews of large and specific losses.


Budget of material losses in a supermarket chain, as a result of social outbreak and riots in Chile, 2019-2022. Work commissioned by reinsurers of UK. Crude oil spill in Colombia, review the technical accuracy and adjustment of the claim at stake, year 2018. Assignment of global reinsurer. Damage budget and survey of material losses due to river overflow in Santiago, Chile, 2016. Requested on behalf of a insurance local company. Sanitary infrastructure reconstruction cost review of the major flood damage in north of Chile, work carried out for a global insurer between 2015-17. Consultant of Chilean Ministry of Interior to develop risk report and design of the new border buildings and highway access to Argentina from Los Andes, year 2015-2017.