Policyholder Insurance Claims

FitzGerald Consulting is increasingly being appointed by independent commercial clients to assist with the preparation and presentation of policyholder’s claims to Insurers and Re-insurers following the operation of insured perils, both in the UK and throughout the world. We have access to a wide range of highly qualified specialist experts, including lawyers, accountants, surveyors and engineers, all of whom are available to analyse the effects and help with policyholder’s claims for Property Damage and Business Interruption losses resulting from:

FitzGerald Consulting always works with clients to develop the most economical and effective solutions to problems which arise when disasters have affected their businesses. We analyse the results of the damage and assess potential effects to the policyholder’s Profit & Loss Accounts and Balance Sheets. Following this detailed work we prepare claims for submission to insurers and, if required, we are always pleased to negotiate any contentious issues.

In every case we apply the available insurance cover to mitigate losses which have been suffered by businesses and, where necessary, our specialist negotiators explain to clients the limitations of the available insurance coverage.

When a client is faced with uninsured losses; ie those which are not recoverable from insurers; FitzGerald Consulting will prepare and present claims on their behalf to independent third parties from whom it may be possible to recover some or all the losses.